When a community thrives, we thrive. Esquel believes we are only as strong as the communities around us. We work to enhance the quality of life in communities where we operate. Recognizing that we cannot work in isolation, we actively seek opportunities to further our positive impact. In collaboration with clients, governments, suppliers and partners, NGOs and academics, we constantly seek new ways to foster sustainable societies by promoting inclusive growth and developing resilient communities.


To create lasting impact on our communities, we must build a strong foundation for children at a young age. China is home to 70 million left-behind children whose parents work in faraway cities, leaving them in the care of their elderly grandparents. These children are often poorly educated and face developmental issues such as low self-esteem and difficulties in interpersonal relationships. This video shows the Esquel-Y.L. Foundation’s partnership with university students to build up Guilin’s left-behind children.



Education is the catalyst to pull families and communities out of the cycle of poverty. Quality and relevant education boost employment opportunities and income, while helping protect communities from socio-economic vulnerabilities. To empower and enrich communities in which we operate, the Esquel-Y.L. Yang Education Foundation was founded with the mission to Encourage the Spirt of Learning by providing underserved children with access to quality education. We believe that access to knowledge gives children power to manage their health and wellbeing, and to become responsible and productive citizens.



Esquel has long understood the intimate link between business and society, and has cultivated deep bonds with our communities. With partners that share the same value, we work to strengthen communities through tailored programs that address the needs of each locale we operate in.

The Esquel-Y.L. Yang Education Foundation works in collaboration with partner organizations to support the learning needs of students in the areas where we operate. We worked with stakeholders to invest in local community development projects such as infrastructure and financing. As the needs of communities change over time, we continue to strengthen shared value with our stakeholders through open dialogue at Integral Conversation – our flagship annual conference on sustainable development.

Here are the results that exemplify how we have impacted lives through our various programs as of 2018.


Esquel-Y.L. Yang Education Foundation was established in 2003. Guided by its mission to “Encourage the Spirit of Learning”, the Foundation has developed a range of programs to promote education for the underprivileged in China, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. The Foundation hopes to help children gain better access to education, and provide them with tools that enrich and facilitate their learning.


Good vision is key to achieving academic success as people learn through reading and writing. The Foundation organized its first vision screening in 2012. Since then, we have expanded our services to include eye glasses and surgery support.

Since 2012 – 10,482 pairs of eyes examined


Hongzhi Students Program

For many students in rural China, a high school education could open many opportunities. The Foundation established the Hongzhi Students Program for promising students who are at risk of dropping out of school due to financial difficulties.

Since 2011 – 1,384 students sponsored


Summer vacations are valuable opportunities to learn and gain exposure outside of the school environment. Using a students-teaching-students model, our Summer Learning Camp promotes lifelong learning and cultural exchange.

Since 2007 – 6,350 students taught, supported by 538 university students


Children develop habits from a young age. Reaching schools to increase students’ environmental awareness and promote green behavior, the Esquel-China Light & Power Green Studio is a hybrid vehicle equipped with a 3D theatre, exhibitions, videos, games, quizzes, and other fun activities.

Since 2008 – 140,000 students engaged


Partner of the Teachers-to-Teachers Training Program

Partnership since 2014

Sharing of pedagogy of learning of English with teachers in Gaoming and Guangxi


From the farming communities that grow our premium cotton, to the local workforce employed in our garment factories, Esquel’s economic and social impact extends to the immediate communities in the form of small-business support services, employment, education and skills enhancement. These efforts support communities to grow sustainability, and in turn, provide a more stable environment for our operations to run smoothly.


Approaching the end of 2020, let us reflect upon this unforgettably eventful year and count our blessings. Esquelers’ hard work and resilience have enabled us to not only overcome a global health crisis but also launch thriving new lines of business. Born out of our collective spirit of innovation, remarkable teamwork and dedication to solve problems, DET30 have been offering reassurance and protection to both the Esquel family and communities around the world with our numerous donations throughout the year.

To date, Esquel has donated over 460,000 DET30 to local governments, academic institutions, our clients and suppliers, medical organizations, NGOs and community groups, replacing up to 13.8 million single-use masks.


Integral Conversation provides thought leaders and experts from diverse fields an independent platform to exchange insights and perspectives on sustainable development models. Established in 2014 by Esquel Group as an annual flagship event, Integral Conversation is a conference to exchange views on how we can achieve sustainable economic development in harmony with the environment and society.

Esquel initiated this conference as part of a pioneering textile and apparel investment project in Guilin — a 50 hectares sustainable development Garden that integrates modern technologies, quality employment, innovations, arts and culture, and environmental sustainability. Therefore, conference discussion topics spans across culture, education, innovation, urban planning and architecture, healthcare, digital transformation, and how they are related to the overall concept of sustainability.

Integral Conversation integrates dialogues, cultural experiences and eco-tourism activities in the scenic city of Guilin. For more information about this event, please visit our website.